This site was established to provide you with information to help you prepare for emergencies. We hope to have  current information and links to other web sites to help provide answers to all kinds of emergency preparedness questions. Please take a look at all it currently has to offer and continue to look in on as we plan on adding some classes and additional websites.


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New Website

This website served as the model for a new site that has been expanded and updated:


We recommend using the website for your personal, household, and neighborhood preparedness efforts.


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Help/OK Sign to Print and Use

Here’s a Help/OK sign customized for Sellwood. Keep it near your front window. In case of a disaster, once you’ve taken care of yourself and your family, post this sign in your window to signal that you are OK and do not need assistance or that you need HELP. You can print it in color or black and white, one sided or two, it will work regardless.



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If you’d like to be part of a major research project tracking seismic activity, check out NetQuakes:

The USGS is trying to achieve a denser and more uniform spacing of seismographs in select urban areas to provide better measurements of ground motion during earthquakes. These measurements improve our ability to make rapid post-earthquake assessments of expected damage and contribute to the continuing development of engineering standards for construction.

To accomplish this, we developed a new type of digital seismograph that communicates its data to the USGS via the internet. The seismographs connect to a local network via WiFi and use existing broadband connections to transmit data after an earthquake. The instruments are designed to be installed in private homes, businesses, public buildings and schools with an existing broadband connection to the internet.

OPB has an article that gives more of a feel for it: Homeowners Help USGS Track Quake Danger In ‘NetQuakes’ Project.

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A National Community / Neighborhood Exercise

A team of national, regional, state and local agencies and organizations have undertaken an effort to develop, facilitate and evaluate a recurring series of disaster exercises entitled “Formidable Footprint”.

This series of exercises serves as an opportunity for governmental agencies along with community and faith based organizations to assess their capability to prepare for, respond to and recover from a variety of natural disasters which affect communities and neighborhoods.

For more information see the Disaster Resistant Communities Group website.

As of 8/15 this continues to be a valid website with current info on classes available in the coming months that may be of interest to you.

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The Key To Disaster Survival? Friends and Neighbors

Follow THIS LINK for an excellent article on the most important factor in surviving disaster: friends and neighbors. There you’ll find both the original NPR audio story as well as a full transcript with photos.

As of 8/2015 This link is still working and again is a very important read.

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Get on Board to Be Prepared

This website is designed to help you prepare yourself, your household, and your block to be resilient in the event of a disaster–from a prolonged winter storm and blackout to a major earthquake. All the information you need is right here.

For mental preparedness, read Unpacking for Disaster

For the practical details, start here:  How to Organize Your Block.

We can also provide printed Map Your Neighborhood booklets to blocks that have committed to meeting together. To request booklets or for help on how to organize your block or any other preparedness questions, send email to:


To subscribe to our email list, click here: http://groups.google.com/group/bepreparedPDX

To subscribe to the SMILE Sustainability Committee’s monthly newsletter (including news on preparedness events), click here:  http://eepurl.com/dMWXI

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Neighborhood Preparedness

Are you prepared?
Do you know your neighbors?
Do you have an emergency supplies kit?

The SMILE Sustainability Committee is now running a pilot program to organize blocks in Sellwood to be more resilient in the face of emergency or disaster. We are testing out Seattle’s SNAP (Seattle Neighborhoods Actively Prepare) program, which we hope to customize for Portland. If you don’t want to wait but want to get your block moving now, please get in touch via the Contact Us tab above.

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